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Deck Name:Raging Beast
Created By:David Cherryholmes
Description:Here's the deck I mentioned. To save someone the typing, I don't own Lisette and I gave Faruq away in a birthday-deck. Obviously, the idea is to hit big for lots of aggrivated damage, taking their puny hand strike, 'cause I'm big-ish. Lots of maneuvers to keep it in close. DoB for equipment people (guns are dropping out of the sky around here at the moment, as I mentioned) and enough damage prevention to be there for the really nasty counterstrikes, if they don't happen too frequently. Best case is Zack with POT, Gangrel Revel in play, Ritual Challenged, Torn Signpost, Pushing the Limit, Claws of the Dead: hit for 8 aggravated. Most can do it for one less. Figure I'll reliably hit for four with a good shot at aggrivated.
I know the crypt could use some tuning but I think I can run it reasonably with two minions, with the possibility of having three. I'd like a fourth info hiway, but I only own three, and it would be hard to cut anything else out. Probably not focused enough on the rush, but I wanted to do some other things. Might be a little top-heavy on mastercards for a combat deck, but I plan on taking some actions that I don't want blocked, so it may cycle cards a little more slowly than an all-out rush deck.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 16, Max: 31, Avg: 5.92)
2  Badger            ani FOR pot PRO      6,  Gangrel
2  Camille Devereux  ani FOR PRO          5,  Gangrel
1  Katarina          ANI FOR pot pro      9,  Gangrel, Prince
1  Nakova            FOR pot              6,  Ventrue, Primogen
2  Ricki Van Demsi   for pro              3,  Gangrel
1  Wynn              ANI FOR obf pot PRO  10, Gangrel, Primogen
3  Zack North        ani for pot pro      6,  Gangrel
Library: (80 cards)
Master (15 cards)
2  Blood Doll
1  Ecoterrorists
1  Fame
1  Gangrel Revel
2  Haven Uncovered
3  Information Highway
1  KRCG News Radio
2  Potence
1  Protean
1  Zoo Hunting Ground
Action (10 cards)
1  Army of Rats
5  Bum's Rush
1  Rampage
3  Ritual Challenge
Action Modifier (5 cards)
5  Freak Drive
Reaction (6 cards)
3  Cats' Guidance
3  Rat's Warning
Combat (40 cards)
5  Claws of the Dead
3  Drawing Out the Beast
6  Immortal Grapple
5  Pushing the Limit
4  Quick Meld
3  Skin of Steel
3  Superior Mettle
5  Taste of Vitae
6  Torn Signpost
Ally (1 cards)
1  Renegade Garou
Retainer (3 cards)
1  Homunculus
2  Raven Spy
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