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Deck Name:Somebody Put Dirty Harry in a Blender!
Created By:David Cherryholmes
Description:Blood Brothers with Guns. Intended to overcome the BB achille's heel: maneuvers. To give credit where credit is due, one of my players mentioned this as an idea, but got ambushed by a Spicolli-sized cloud of bluish smoke and I think he forgot about it. By years of training under just such harsh conditions, I was able to stash it in the 1k of hardened braincells where I keep things like "underwear -- inside" before it got me, too.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 24, Max: 24, Avg: 6.00)
3  Truman  dom FOR pot SAN  6,  Blood Brother
3  Mark    for obf pot SAN  6,  Blood Brother, Bishop
2  Karl    FOR POT pre san  6,  Blood Brother
2  Jack    cel for pot san  6,  Blood Brother
2  Ilse    for POT pro SAN  6,  Blood Brother
Library: (80 cards)
Master (8 cards)
1  Dreams of the Sphinx
6  Effective Management
1  Information Highway
Action (18 cards)
2  Ambush
2  Bum`s Rush
2  Coagulated Entity
2  Harass
10 Unwholesome Bond
Action Modifier (10 cards)
4  Freak Drive
6  Walk of Caine
Reaction (8 cards)
4  Forced Awakening
4  Gestalt
Combat (28 cards)
6  Brother`s Blood
8  Concealed Weapon
4  Coordinate Attacks
10 Octopod
Equipment (8 cards)
8  .44 Magnum