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Deck Name:So Long, and Thanks For all the Fish
Created By:David Cherryholmes
Description:Praxis Seizure: Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
June 15, 2003
18 Players

Tournament Winning Deck

Timing is key for this deck. Park the Week under a Storage Annex until the time is right. Bleed lightly but consistently during the early and midgame. I tend to play recklessly and get out the fourth minion the turn before I plan to pop the Week. By then, you ought to have a few +1 bleed toys in play, and I have reliably hit one-turn bleeds of 12-16. Gabrin's "other white meat" special, Nightmare Curses, and Red Herrings are very useful for getting your prey's minions all tapped out just prior to the wave of death. There's no hit back to the deck, but most people expect it from the Ravnos, so work this early game on tables that don't know your deck. You do have thirteen cards of "you can't touch this", though, so don't be too afraid of blocking or being rushed (grapple is, of course, a bitch).
David Cherryholmes
VEKN Prince of Durham, NC
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 32, Avg: 5.67)
4  Gabrin               ANI CHI dom for  8,  Ravnos
1  Natalia              ANI chi dom for  7,  Ravnos
1  Sarisha Veliku       ANI chi dom FOR  6,  Ravnos
1  Joaquina Amaya       ANI CHI FOR      6,  Ravnos
1  Khalil Ravana        ani CHI for pre  5,  Ravnos
1  Salbatore Bokkengro  CHI for pro      4,  Ravnos
1  Tsigane              aus chi          3,  Ravnos
1  Vedel Esbreno        chi for          3,  Ravnos
1  Spleen               ani chi          2,  Ravnos
Library: (82 cards)
Master (16 cards)
1  Blood Doll
2  Chimerstry
1  Coven, The
2  Dominate
1  Dreams of the Sphinx
1  Fortune Teller Shop
1  Park Hunting Ground
3  Path of Paradox, The
2  Storage Annex
2  Week of Nightmares
Action (19 cards)
1  Army of Rats
1  Arson
2  Computer Hacking
1  Far Mastery
2  Govern the Unaligned
2  Nightmare Curse
2  Scouting Mission
5  Sensory Deprivation
2  Spirit Marionette
1  Tier of Souls
Action Modifier (22 cards)
8  Fata Morgana
6  Freak Drive
8  Red Herring
Reaction (3 cards)
3  Deflection
Combat (5 cards)
5  Illusions of the Kindred
Retainer (2 cards)
2  Raven Spy
Equipment (2 cards)
2  Treasured Samadji
Combo (13 cards)
5  Draba
8  Mirror Image
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