Blue Devil V:TES

This website is a collection of the V:TES decks of some of Duke's Blue Devils. We play regularly in the Durham - Raleigh area. Contact David Cherryholmes for more information about game schedules. There is a mailing list for this area that you can join here: You can find out more about David here.

Here are the last 74 decks recorded by David Cherryholmes.
Assamite Powerbleed
Black Hand Assamites SoC
G4/5 Assamite Toolbox
Fatima Strikes True Flesh
Anarch Fatima Strikes True Flesh
Nosferatu Antitribu
Black Hand Assamites
Fatima Anarch Multirushing Toolbox
Fatima's Truth of Blood
Bully bleed with Truth of Blood
Tariq, Black Hand, Merged
Qadir Calls the Great Beast
Amite BH Flurry
Kama Sutra
Protect Thine Opium
Assamite Stealth Bleed (storyline legal)
Merged Tegyrius Anathema
The Kids Are All Right
Web of Anarchs
The Street Samurai
Bajazet The Anarch
Nu's NDA
Tariq blocks
Wizard's Toolbox
Anarch Assamite Rush
Fatima backs the Hack
Assamite Bleed
Assamite Sorcerers
Baron's Eye
Loose Cannon
Wynn's Masochistic Chainsaw
Fatima MultiRush 2005
Hannibal the Cannibal
Hannibal Freak Drives
Masterful Assamites
Fatima Multirush, Gehenna Build
Respect my Celeritah!
Assamite Flurry Bleed
Black Hand Assamites
Qadir, Angel of Death
Assamite Necktie
Brown Acid
Parnassus Intercept
Tegyrius Wall II
Spider Rants
Nu's Nine Discipline Assault
Bajazet Tries Not To Suck
Brinksmanship 2.0
Fat Guns
Fatima Multi-slice
Tegyrius, Justicar
Daddy needs a new pair of shoes
Thetmes Weenie Dominate
Parnassus and Samat
Miller Multi-rush
Parnassus Assamite Storyline Winner
Slaughtered by Bart
Fatima Multi-Rush
Storyline Fatima
So Long, and Thanks for all the fish
Red Herring Doesn't Suck
Potent Princes
Vecna's back, and She's pissed
Somebody Put Dirty Harry in a Blender!
Mere Anarchy
Evil Dead
Big Hair, Bad Attitude
She's a Cross-Eyed Beast
Blood Rage
The True Brujah
Assamite Presence
Ra can Kiss my A**!
Raging Beast
Brujah - !Brujah

David Cherryholmes wrote the following Ravnos Newsletters.
June 2003

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